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Global HF Digital Mode Band Plan Review

Date : 16 / 08 / 2020
Author : Lee Moyle - VK3GK

Excellent news from the IARU on the proposed harmonization of the Digital Band segments Globally from Dave K1ZZ.

Grant Wllis VK5GR as the WIA IARU Region3 representative has been has been working though the WIA on behalf of the IARU Region 3 Band Plan committee Chairman Sion 9M2CQC.

As frequency allocations and amateur radio operating interests vary in different parts of the world, the development of voluntary band plans is a responsibility of the three IARU regional organizations who try and align regional band pans to be harmonious globally. They meet every 3 years.

Recent explosive growth in HF digital modes, particularly FT8, has led to significant activity in the narrow HF digital band segments, resulting in the 3 IARU regions forming working committees to discuss band planning. The first time all 3 regions have planned directly together.

Discussions will HF stakeholders, including the WSJT Development Group led by Joe Taylor, K1JT, known for FT8 and other digital mode developments has begun to discuss arrangements to maximize the sharing of the digital band spectrum space available, to reduce congestion and minimize interference to other digital mode users.

Recent IARU administrative changes mean changes can be implemented without waiting for the regional conferences held every 3 years.

Full details of the announcement are available via this Link

Australian and all region 3 Radio Amateurs are encouraged to follow progress through The WIA Website and their respective IARU member websites, all of which can be reached via the following Link

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