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WIA and YOTA (Youngsters On The Air) Programs

Date : 20 / 08 / 2020
Author : Lee Moyle - VK3GK

The WIA board are currently strategizing with the YOTA (Youngsters On The Air) committee to engage the youth and younger members to experience the wonderful experiences and facets of Amateur Radio.

The first ever IARU Region 3 YOTA camp to be held in Thailand this October has unfortunately now been postponed due to Covid-19 and will be rescheduled for a later date.

The IARU region 3 organisers had a wonderful program planned for the attendees with meals, training sessions, practical activities, entertainment and sightseeing included.

Information on this YOTA Camp event can be found here: Link

Another YOTA initiative comes to us from Paul Ewing N6PSE, President of The Intrepid DX Group in reference to a great promotional program they are running to encourage youth participation in Amateur Radio.

Intrepid DX Group announce winners of the 1st Annual Youth “Dream Rig” Essay Contest.

Over sixty essays from US licensed young amateurs were received from all over the world. The essays were unique in thought and very well-articulated. Extra points were given for proper grammar, punctuation and spelling. Most of the essays gave unique perspectives on how to reach out and connect with the youth of today. We will be sharing those ideas in subsequent postings.

First Place winner, and recipient of the ICOM IC-7300 is Faith Hannah Lea-KD3Z. In addition to winning the IC-7300, Faith Hannah will also receive a vertical “flagpole” antenna from Greyline Performance Antennas. She will also receive a Deluxe Headset from Heil Sound and a Powerwerx switching power supply from Steve-N6SJ. Lastly, she will receive a QRP Morse Nano Morse Key-25-811P from Gigaparts.

More information can be read via the Intrepid DX Group website Link

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