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WIA Release New Members Benefits Initiative

Date : 25 / 09 / 2020
Author : Lee Moyle - VK3GK

The WIA board is excited to announce the Stage 1 release of the new 'WIA Members Benefits Program'.
This is currently in the form of a simple Membership Card, consisting of your Callsign, (up to 2 may be shown), your membership number, expiry date and a list of all the current vendors participating in the program.

The WIA and several vendors have teamed up to provide a range of discounts and savings to WIA members when using their services or purchasing from them. All you need to do is produce you membership card or quote your current membership number in most cases.

Discounts will vary depending upon the retailer,Each Vendor has their own discount structure for WIA members. Some very deep discounts are being offered by the major electronics component retailers listed on the card.

Depending on your purchases and chosen supplier, the realised annual savings alone can easily be in the order of several times the initial cost of your WIA membership subscription. Given the potential real savings and your financial investment in your hobby already, can you really afford to not be a WIA member now ?

Your Membership card is simply downloaded from the WIA website via Memnet by following these instructions:
1) Login to Memnet with you Membership number (or callsign) and Password via this Link
2) On the ‘MY WIA’ Page - Select ‘Pay Invoice’
3) Select ‘Receipt’ Button on the most recent invoice shown
4) Print out your last receipt
5) Cutout, fold and laminate your Membership Card ready for use.

Conditions of use, a list of vendors and other information relating to the new program will be listed on the WIA website shortly, including some more great new membership rewards and benefits.
The WIA Board and the many volunteers who support our organisation are continually working on programs and initiatives to increase the value of WIA membership for you. Whether that be via International representation to the IARU, ITU, WRC, local representation to the ACMA or AMC or providing support and benefits at an operational level at the local Radio Club or in the home and ham shack directly via our new benefits program.

Not a WIA Member? Then become a WIA Card Carrying Member now and 'Enjoy the Benefits'.
Click the following Link

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