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Publications Committee awards at 2022 AGM

Date : 07 / 05 / 2022
Author : Peter Clee - VK8ZZ

Publications Committee awards 2022

The Publications Committee found itself with an embarrassment of riches when it came to reviewing 2021’s magazines and nominating recipients of the three annual PubCom awards. It has been an extraordinary year, all round.

As you can see, the Committee decided to make multiple awards in two categories. This is not without precedent, as the WIA website Awards pages reveal.

 Al Shawsmith Award for Journalism.

Licensed since 1935, Al Shawsmith VK4SS (SK 2010), a noted CW operator and DXer, gained fame as a prolific author in AR. He was the Official Historian for the former Queensland Division of the WIA. The award is made for the best non-technical article published in Amateur Radio magazine in the previous calendar year.

The standard of general-subject articles submitted for publication in 2021 was remarkably high. Accordingly, there are two recipients, these being:

 Rex James VK3OF, for What a weekend – moonbounce on HF!, published in Issue 6; and

 Rex Moncur VK7MO, for Antarctica and the Australian Antarctic Program, published in Issue 5.

 Higginbotham Award

This Award is named after Ron Higginbotham VK3RN, who produced Amateur Radio magazine at The Richmond Chronicle in Melbourne over the decades from 1949 through 1973.

“For service to the amateur radio community”, this award for 2021 goes to Jenny Wardrop VK3WQ, for her reliable continuance in contributing the ALARA column for AR, and consistent promotion and support of YLs of all ages.

 Technical Award

The earliest mention that we could find of an award for technical articles published in AR magazine is in the April 1959 edition (p.17). While not saying specifically so, in noting that VK6EC/T was granted the 1958 Technical Award for his article series on Amateur TV, the note hints that there were previous awards.

It seems the granting of a Technical Award for articles in AR over the previous calendar year has a chequered history since that era. However, it has been more consistent over the last decade.

The standard of articles submitted for publication in 2021 has certainly been high, and particularly, the significance of topics authors wrote about.

The Committee settled on three recipients of the award for technical articles published in 2021:

 Andrew Anderson VK3CV for his article on Practical communications at 30 THz, published in Issue 2;

 Lou Destefano VK3AQZ, for his series on The VK3AQZ HF antenna tuner project, published from Issue 2 through to Issue 2 - 2022; and

 Dale Hughes (VK1DSH) and Dimitrios Tsifakis VK2COW, for their article on Experiments with LoRa digital transmissions, published in Issue 3.

Roger Harrison VK2ZRH

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