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New Foundation Manual Has Arrived

Date : 11 / 08 / 2022
Author : Lee Moyle - VK3GK

The new edition Foundation Licence Manual Edition 4, has landed in the WIA's store. This 4th edition has been totally updated and now includes an introduction to AC theory, capacitors inductors and resonance, digital techniques and ADC/DAC's, decibels, and SDR radios.

Like previous editions, it is intended both as a study guide for obtaining a Foundation grade licence, and as a basic introduction to wireless technology.
It is also an excellent reference source and guide for operational protocols and procedures for the experienced operator.

WIA members discounted price is set at $25 per manual.
Non-members pricing is $35. Postage is $15.

WIA Affiliated clubs can purchase Box quantities of 21 manuals and postage is set to $25 per box.

Non Affiliated clubs are welcome to purchase box lots also however postage will be $35 per box.

The foundation manual can be purchased from your local club or directly from the WIA website.

Go to the bookshop section on the WIA website to purchase.

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