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Have you recently renewed you Amateur Radio Licence with ACMA?

Date : 27 / 10 / 2022
Author : Lee Moyle - VK3GK

Have you recently renewed you Amateur Radio Licence with ACMA?

A number of Amateur Radio operators have recently reported that their Amateur Radio licences have shown up on the ACMA RRL database as “Expired” when they have previously thought to have been successfully renewed well prior to the expiry date.

One affected WIA Member, on phoning ACMA to rectify the issue was politely instructed by ACMA staff to forward by email, with the given ACMA reference number, supporting evidence of the successful payment to ACMA.
This could consist of a screen grab of your bank statement, receipt numbers etc. ACMA would then investigate and resolve the issues.

It was reported that the new recently installed ACMA payment portal may have some “anomalies” to still be ironed out with Credit and Debit card payments seeming to have created the “non payment” status.

Payments to ACMA using the Bpay method is said to be currently functioning without any known issues.

*** Although ACMA do notify us of the upcoming licence expiry date, it is our responsibility to renew our licences prior to the date of expiry.***

You can find the ACMA RRL at Link

Just enter your callsign in the appropriate box on the website and your file with your client ID should be shown displaying your licence details.

Please take note and if you have recently paid your ACMA renewal in the last few months, please check that you licence is still current and flagged as “Granted”

If it states “Expired”, then check the expiry date and check your records to confirm you have actually paid.

ACMA can be contacted directly on 1300 850 115 to discuss payment or any other issues.

Have your ACMA Client ID available along with your ACMA invoice number to make things easier.

To be safe it would be wise for everyone to check that current status of your licence on the ACMA RRL database as an expired licence after 60 days will lose the callsigns attached and they will be relinquished back into the “Callsigns Available” register for others to apply for.

Losing our callsign can be very disappointing and the process to recover your old callsign once reissued can be a frustrating long drawn out process and in the end not always possible.

Let’s try and avoid that situation altogether and check the ACMA RRL.

Please do it now and while you are checking yours, check some others and as well, especially any Old Timers callsigns you may know.

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