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ACMA proposals on Class Licensing – WIA Exposure Draft and Survey

Date : 14 / 11 / 2022
Author : Roger Harrison VK2ZRH

ACMA proposals on Class Licensing – WIA Exposure Draft and Survey

Date : 14 / 11 / 2022
Author : Roger Harrison VK2ZRH

The Working Group developing the Wireless Institute's response to the ACMA’s current consultation on amateur licensing has completed an Exposure Draft on the ACMA’s Proposed amateur class licensing arrangements and higher power operation, which is published on the WIA’s website, here. Link

The WIA’s Exposure Draft provides a thorough analysis of the issues raised by the ACMA in its consultation paper and sets out the Institute’s comprehensive responses, both where support is warranted and where disagreement is justified.

In addition, the Working Group has completed developing a carefully targeted survey to gather feedback on the WIA’s proposed responses to the ACMA’s proposals and the questions it asked.

Last night, the 13th of November, the WIA membership was sent an email titled, “WIA Member Survey on the "ACMA Amateur Class Licence & Higher Power Consultation.”
The email includes links to the WIA Exposure Draft and survey.

Further, the WIA is asking those in the Australian radio amateur community who are non-members to register, join-in and have your say in the WIA’s survey.
You can register by sending an email to this address
Putting just your call sign in the Subject field as this is used to reference the ACMA RRL Database.
(Or your full name if you are not licenced)

Following registration, your email address will be deleted for privacy reasons.

The survey closes on Tuesday 22 November.

This gives the Working Group a week to analyse the survey results and prepare the WIA’s final response to the ACMA’s licensing proposals.

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