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Surrender Your Licence And Apply For A Refund*

Date : 02 / 02 / 2024
Author : ACMA

From the ACMA Website:

Surrendering Existing Licences

When the amateur class licence commences, the current amateur licences (non-assigned amateur licences that authorise foundation, standard or advanced station operations) will no longer be needed.

Amateurs who wish to retain their call sign(s) must ensure their licence(s) is active until the amateur class licence commences. More detail on call sign retention is in the call signs section below.

* As an individual licence will no longer be required to operate when the amateur class licence commences, current licensees can choose to surrender their licence and may be eligible for a pro-rata refund on the annual tax already paid.

The minimum the ACMA can refund is $41, which means only licensees with an expiry date of 9 December 2024 or later may be eligible for a refund.
Refund eligibility is determined from the date the ACMA accepts the surrender, so early submission of surrender applications is encouraged. You can submit a surrender application now (guidance on how to surrender a licence is below), seeking that it be surrendered on 19 February 2024.

If an amateur licensee does not wish to surrender their licence, the licence will continue to exist for the remainder of its term.

The ACMA will not renew any non-assigned amateur licences after the amateur class licence commences.

To surrender a non-assigned amateur licence, email your surrender request, including your licence number, customer ID and the date you would like your licence to be surrendered to
We issue refunds by cheque or Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).
If you would like your refund by EFT, you will need to complete an EFT details form. This form will be emailed to you when the surrender is processed.

The refund will not be processed until the surrender has taken place, so you won’t receive it until February 2024 at the earliest. Our refund policy is available to view on the ACMA website.

More information relating to the Class Licence an be found on the ACMA website: Link

What can I do with my refund?

Consider putting the refund towards your WIA membership, whether that is to renew or to join for the first time.

In reality, the cost of representation to Govt bodies in Australia and to the ITU associated conferences is significant in order to protect our spectrum needs and use in the future.

The recent World Radio Conference WRC-23 is a good example, whereby the IARU and its member societies was successful in maintaining continued access to 23cm spectrum.

The WIA funded two representatives to attend this conference.
But there were other spectrum segments under threat by big well financed players.

Join the WIA: Link

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