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CONSULTATION 2024-1: Australian Amateur Radio Repeater and Beacon Frequency Planning Rules and Process Changes

Date : 24 / 06 / 2024
Author : Grant Willis VK5GR

The WIA was first approached by the ACMA in 2022, to consider how improved transparency could be brought to Amateur repeater and beacon frequency selection processes. In addition, the ACMA wished to enable a pathway for obtaining an amateur spectrum repeater/beacon frequency assignment that did not require applicants to engage with the WIA directly if they didn’t want to. The ACMA has released a consultation for the new process, including a new proposed Frequency Assignment Process document (FAP-10) in support of this (you can read about the ACMA part of the work here: )

To support this process, the WIA has drafted four new Radio Communications Licensing Instructions (RALI) that describe the new rules for how frequency selection should be undertaken within the amateur service for amateur (frequency assigned) repeater and beacon stations. The parallel WIA consultation paper outlines the work that has been done and what the next steps are in ratifying the RALIs. It also describes the key issues the WIA is seeking feedback on from members and non-members who will be impacted by this change.

Please take some time to read both the consultation and the relevant RALI documents to gain a full understanding of what is being proposed.


If you wish to provide feedback on the technical content of the draft RALI documents describing how to coordinate amateur repeater and beacon station frequencies, please provide a response to the WIA Technical Advisory Committee via email at Link

*** Your submissions must be received by Friday 2nd August 2024 ***

You can access the consultation and supporting RALI instruments from the new WIA TAC Consultation page here: Link

**Note: The ACMA is at the same time consulting on a new Frequency Allocation Process document (FAP 10) that supports this proposal. Details of the ACMA activity supporting this work will be available via the ACMA website

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