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2012 News Releases




WICEN Victoria’s Successful Training Exercise

Date : 08 / 01 / 2012
Author : Peter Young - VK3MV

WICEN Victoria has completed another very successful training exercise in conjunction with the "VicSuper" Murray Marathon conducted over 5 days from 26th – 31st December 2011. The Marathon is a 404 Km Canoe race on the Murray River between Yarrawonga and Swan Hill on the New South Wales and Victoria border.

WICEN provided safety communications and logistical support during the progress of the event by establishing seven HF stations at the checkpoints on the riverbank amongst the red gums each day. The HF operations were conducted on 80 & 40 Meters as a controlled net managed by VK3AWI, while the remote stations use special call signs approved by the ACMA.

WICEN thanks amateurs that kept clear and allowed us clear use of the frequencies used each day.

Each check point also operated on VHF to support another 8 stations in boats and cars that carry the safety team down the river keeping track of the canoes during each days racing.
This year VHF operations were conducted on the Coast Guard Domestic frequency and this provided new challenges to operators as they used commercial equipment belonging to another service.

There were only 120 canoes entered the event this year, and although this was disappointing to YMCA it had no impact on the successful outcome of the training exercise. Twenty-five amateurs attended the event and shared great camaraderie as they camped together each night. There was plenty of practice setting up stations in remote places and passing of formal messages. The hot weather at this time of the year provided another challenge for all those involved.

The event will be on again this December 2012 between Christmas and New Year. If any one would like to be involved you can contact Graham Mason VK3KMG by telephoning (03) 59720704 and he will put your name on the list.


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