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2012 News Releases



Typhoon wreaks havoc on Korea

31/ 08/ 2012   As the powerful storm Typhoon Bolaven battered South Korea radio amateurs joined the response and recovery efforts to minimise the toll and damage.
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All Cameras Ready For This Weekends ATV QSO Party

23/ 08/ 2012   The ATV QSO party will start on Friday night the 24th August and continue on Saturday morning/afternoon.
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2012 RD Contest - A Huge Success

20/ 08/ 2012   On all accounts the RD was a huge success under the new rules format. Most appreciated was the amount of improved activity across the bands. Propagation was extremely kind with a low noise level on all bands.
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All Nine Azores Islands, CU1 Through CU9, Activated At Once

16/ 08/ 2012   Are You Ready to Fly to Azores for Free by Making Nine QSOs?
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Club grant Scheme News

15/ 08/ 2012   In June the WIA Board announced the allocation of $6,000 for the current year as the maximum sum to be distributed under this year’s Club Grant Scheme.
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Growth continues for the ILLW

15/ 08/ 2012   With less than two weeks to go, the International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend continues to growing in its 15th year.
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Floods in the Philippines hit Manilla

12/ 08/ 2012   The Philippine Amateur Radio Association activated the Ham Emergency Radio Operations (HERO) on two metre and 40 metres passing essential traffic during the recent widespread flooding in Manila.
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2012 Remembrance Day Contest - Opening Speech available for broadcast

09/ 08/ 2012   The audio file for the Opening Speech of the Remembrance Day Contest for 2012 have been released for download.
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VK5DGR to receive ARRL Technical Innovation Award

02/ 08/ 2012   The ARRL Board has awarded the 2012 ARRL Technical Innovation Award to David Rowe VK5DGR for his work on the amateur radio Codec2 low bit rate speech codec.
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India blackouts affects millions

01/ 08/ 2012   In the world's worst blackout in recent times power was cut to 700 million people in India
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