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2012 News Releases




AX For Australia Day

Date : 25 / 01 / 2012
Author : Robert Broomhead - VK3DN

Each year Australian Amateurs have the opportunity of using the "AX" prefix in lieu of "VK" when calling other amateurs on 3 predetermined occasions. These are Australia Day, Anzac Day and World Telecommunications Day.

A section from the Radiocommunications Licence Conditions Determination (LCD) in section 8 (reproduced below) sets out the details.

Section 8 : Operation of an amateur station
(1A) The licensee of an amateur station (other than an amateur beacon station or
amateur repeater station) may, on the following days, substitute the prefix
letters VK in the call sign printed on the licensee’s amateur licence with the
prefix letters AX:

(a) 26 January;
(b) 25 April;
(c) 17 May.

If the call sign specified in the licensee’s licence is VK1ZZZ, the licensee may use the call
sign AX1ZZZ on the days mentioned in paragraphs (a) to (c) above.

Note 26 January is Australia Day, 25 April is Anzac Day and 17 May is World
Telecommunication Day. Dates are expressed in local time not UTC.


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