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2012 News Releases




ACMA Undertakes Major Regulatory Action in Adelaide

Date : 01 / 05 / 2012
Author : Peter Young - VK3MV

The ACMA confirmed today that a major compliance action was undertaken in Adelaide in the past week. Reports in the Adelaide Advertiser suggesting that Ham Operators were involved have been denied by the ACMA.

Monitoring of the radio spectrum from ACMA infrastructure in Adelaide confirmed that a number of users (Pirates) were active on frequencies licensed to other parties. Intelligence gathered through this monitoring indicated that these individuals possessed equipment programmed with numerous frequencies. Enquiries made by the ACMA found that these users did not hold ACMA licences for these frequencies.
The radios operated by the individuals involved in this matter had been programmed with a number of frequencies which were licensed to various organisations. The ACMA received a report of substantial interference from a licensee although the extent of the disruption to their communications is not known.

The ACMA did not receive any information indicating that there was a danger to public safety. Notices issued were in relation to the radio transceivers in the possession of the individuals and nine of these transceivers were subsequently surrendered to the ACMA. The ACMA is still considering whether to take prosecution action.

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