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Antenna Masts in NSW – More Submissions Required

Date : 28 / 10 / 2012
Author : Roger Harrison VK2ZRH

New South Wales amateurs will recall that, since October last year, the New South Wales Government has been conducting comprehensive reform to the planning laws. As this is the first review of the State’s planning laws for more than 30 years, a golden opportunity was presented to get some consideration for Amateur Radio antenna masts.

You will remember that we called for NSW amateurs to make submissions to the planning review last year.

The NSW amateur fraternity responded magnificently with a barrage of submissions, wanting amateur radio antenna masts to be included in the laws as exempt or complying development.

In fact, so many amateurs made submissions that the NSW planning department commented about it on their website in November last year.

Draft legislation has recently been posted on the NSW Planning website and the department has invited all interested parties to comment.

Disappointingly, amateur antenna masts have not been included in the draft.

I spoke to a policy officer in the department and asked – what do radio amateurs have to do get some consideration on this issue ? The answer – make more submissions !

It’s time to express your disappointment and send submissions again. You have until close of business on Friday 9th November.

You can find the draft legislation on the NSW planning website, at: www.

1/ Click on the "Development" tab and select "On exhibition".
2/ On the new page, select "Draft Policies and Plans".
3/ On this page, select the link: "Proposed changes to Statewide streamlined approvals code".

There you will find a series of PDFs covering the proposed changes, including a number of fact sheets. The one of interest to amateurs is "Proposed changes to exempt development". On page 2 it mentions a brief mention of other proposed inclusions and changes to the
General Exempt Development Code, including aerials and antennae. I am informed that this refers to antennas for NBN wireless links to premises.

Radio amateurs in NSW need to continue pressing for amateur radio antenna masts to be included in the new Codes as exempt or complying development.

If you sent a submission previously, don’t just re-send it. Do a new one. You should register your disappointment about amateur radio antenna masts not being included, and request that your proposal be considered.

If you did not send a submission previously, now is an opportunity to do so. Likewise, register your disappointment about amateur radio antenna masts not being considered.

Guidelines to writing a submission can be downloaded from the link below.

It is important to refer in your submission to the South Australian Development Regulations 2008, which sets out exemption for "a person who holds an amateur licence under the Radiocommunications Act 1992 of the Commonwealth, 10 metres."

Clubs: why not hold a working bee of members, to help them prepare individual submissions? Don’t forget to also do a submission from the club.

Get cracking. Send your submissions to:

Director General
Attention: Submission Codes SEPP Amendments
Department of Planning and Infrastructure
GPO Box 39
Sydney NSW 2001

Or by email to:


Submissions will be made publicly available online. You can request that your name and address details not be included.

  Download the Guidelines for making a submission 2012 from the bottom of this web page.

  See also the South Australian Development Regs Link

Local Government Regulation Review
The NSW Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) is also completing a review of compliance and enforcement regulations for local councils in NSW.

Of interest to radio amateurs in NSW is the fact that, unique to this State, councils can make local approvals policies (LAPs) that may provide exemptions from approvals otherwise required. While there is a wide range of developments and activities covered by local approvals policies, amateur radio antenna masts don’t seem to be included.

IPART views LAPs as potentially providing “a means of reducing regulatory burdens on small business and the community by providing such exemptions.”

Here is another possible avenue for amateur radio antennas and masts to be considered as part of a hobby that is conducted as an activity ancillary to domestic habitation.

Go to the NSW Government’s Have Your Say website at:
Select "Reduce local government red tape", download the Issues Paper (PDF) and read pages 18 to 20, under "Local regulatory instruments".

IPART invites comment (page 20) on:

1/ Local Approvals Policies (LAPs) can be used to provide exemptions from requiring approvals under the Local Government Act 1993. Should LAPs be used to provide more exemptions to reduce red tape?

Of course, as a radio amateur, your answer would be yes!

You can prepare a submission in answer to this question along the same lines as for the Planning Review, but ensure that you make it clear it is about the IPART Local Government Review.

Lodge your submission via the website:


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