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2012 News Releases




Contest Rules Clarification

Date : 22 / 12 / 2012
Author : Trent Sampson - VK4TS

After discussion by the Contest Committee, the optical band will be excluded under the general contest rules because it is not listed as an amateur band in the LCD.

Refer to Contests General Rules webpage available, click the following Link to go directly to the page.

Entrants must abide by their licence conditions. Whilst the Institute does not want to discourage experimentation it can be seen that optical communications is not within the strictest definition of Amateur Radio.

To fully allow optical would require definitions beyond what could be easily scoped in the rules, and as such the Contest Committee has decided that for all future contests, the use of Optical will not be considered towards the final score of any station.

For the interests of the optical experimenters we will show a optical column in the results however this will not add to the station score. The scoring sheet for the Summer Field Day will be updated to reflect this.


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