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2013 Australian Scout Jamboree

Date : 02 / 01 / 2013
Author : Bob Bristow - VK6POP

The 2013 Australian Scout Jamboree began this week in Maryborough, Queensland, in the Fraser Coast region, a few hours North of Brisbane.

As I walked around the Jamboree site on New Years Day, I saw coaches begin to arrive just after breakfast, steadily, one by one, every few minutes, more coaches arrived. Tonight when I went to dinner, there were still coaches arriving, one by one. This will continue through the night until sometime the 2nd January, and some 10 thousand Scouts and 2 thousand adults will attend the opening ceremony in an in front of a large stage that would do justice to any big rock band.

The Scouts will participate in a multitude of on and off site activities that will challenge their abilities and wits, and teach them new skills and experiences. One of the onsite activities that Scouts can choose to attend is the Amateur Radio activity. There is a 4 bay radio shack and other activities to occupy Scouts. Amateur Radio has had a long association with Scouts, and is present at most Scout Jamborees around the world.

The radio station here is being conducted by the Maryborough Electronics Radio Group (MERG) and the Victorian Scout Radio & Electronics Service Unit. The Scout Association has obtained a special event callsign, VI4ASJ (Australian Scout Jamboree) which became operational on 1st January and will operate through to 13th January. The WIA is supporting the event by providing access to the QSL Bureau. Information about the VI4ASJ operating conditions can be found on Facebook and

Pictured above, Peter Chaplin VK3AJ setting up the repeaters


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