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Australia Day Honour

Date : 29 / 01 / 2013
Author : Jim Linton - VK3PC

Congratulations go to Peter Mill VK3APO who has been recognised for years of community service through the Australia Day Honours. Receiving the Medal (OAM) in the General Division, he was given the honour on our National Day January 26, for service to the community, particularly in the field of radio communications.

Peter VK3APO said, "The honour caught me by total surprise. I never dreamt of being rewarded in such a way for something I enjoy doing and contributes in a small way to the efficient use of the radio spectrum." He earned the honour after decades of voluntary service in the field that saw his early involvement with the planning of the first amateur radio repeaters in Australia.

At Albury in July 1972, he was present when it was decided that a 600Hz shift between the transmitter and frequency be adopted for repeaters on the 2-metre band. He looks after the vast Amateur Radio Victoria network, is the WIA Repeater and Beacon Coordinator responsible for ACMA applications, plus the maintenance, enhancement and submissions related to the communications for St John Ambulance Australia.

During the years he has had a lot of input on frequency assignments in consultation with users, including those for statewide or national emergency use and the deployment of new transmission modes.

Peter VK3APO, a WIA life member, has a respect and understanding with the staff of the ACMA, both at a state and federal level. He listens to other viewpoints before making a decision, is seen as a representative in many forums, and readily shares his knowledge, skill and experience with others.


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