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WIA Submission to ACMA on High Power Trial

Date : 15 / 05 / 2013
Author : Phil Wait - VK2ASD

The WIA has lodged a submission to the ACMA concerning the High Power Trial. The WIA submission is based on responses received from trial participants following a call for information, and also on its own observations.

The WIA's submission (below) notes that the trial appears to have gone very well, with licensees generally having a sound understanding of the self-assessment process and the use of EMR assessment tools.

The WIA also notes that it is not aware of any incidences of interference to other spectrum users, or an increase in interference to other Radio Amateurs, or an increase in the noise floor on affected amateur bands.

Many responders noted that the advantage of the higher power was most evident in contesting, when many stations are calling on the same frequency and all at once, and the relatively small 3-4 decibel increase in radiated power (from 400W pX to 1kW pX) can make all the difference in being heard.

The High Power Trial commenced on 1 March 2012 and will conclude on 31 August 2013. The ACMA is currently evaluating the success of the trial and is considering if permanent regulatory arrangements are warranted.

The WIA would very much like to see the higher power 1kW pX limit become a permanent feature for Australian Advanced Grade Radio Amateurs.

Phil Wait

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