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IARU Electronic Newsletter

Date : 29 / 05 / 2013
Author : Rod Stafford - W6ROD

The IARU Electronic Newsletter (E-Letter) dated 29 May 2013 has arrived and is available for members to view below.

Who is the IARU ?
Created in Paris, France, the International Amateur Radio Union has been the watchdog and spokesman for the world Amateur Radio community since 1925. The IARU Constitution, last amended in 1989, organizes the Union into three Regional Organizations that correspond to the three radio regions of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). The IARU Constitution also provides for an IARU Member Society to serve as the Union's International Secretariat.

Member Societies
The IARU International Secretariat (IS), operated by a Member Society, is elected by its fellow Member Societies and is willing and capable of serving as the International Secretariat. The operating expenses to discharge its responsibilities under the IARU Constitution shall be borne by the host society with each Regional Organization contributing a certain amount to IS operations. Currently the IS is located at the American Radio Relay League (ARRL), which has Headquarters in Newington, CT 06131-0905, USA.

Past Editions Of The IARU Electronic Newsletter
Past Editions Of The IARU Electronic Newsletter are available for viewing from the "IARU" section of this website accessible under the "For Members" dropdown menu, or accessible by clicking the following Link

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IARU Electronic Newsletter (E-Letter) 29 May 2013
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