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More Digital tests from Radio Australia

Date : 05 / 06 / 2013
Author : Nigel Holmes - Transmission Manager, Radio Australia

Radio Australia will be conducting HF tests using digital text modes MFSK and FLARQ this weekend.
Freeware fldigi will handle these automatically - see the following Link and also this Link
The "VOA Radiogram" site provides an interesting insight to a number of recent Shortwave digital tests including an earlier RA test. It also provides more information on this weekend’s tests.
The transmissions will contain text and images from Radio Australia's web site as well as contact details for sending responses. Note 2150 UTC Sunday is Monday morning 0750 EST in Melbourne etc.

All dates/times are in UTC, all frequencies in kHz. Saturday/Sunday 8/9 June 2013

0850-0857 UTC on
  7410 (PNG & south-west Pacific)
 11945 (south Pacific, NZ, central America, Europe)

1230-1237 UTC on
  6080 (PNG, west Pacific, Philippines, Japan), new freq for MFSK
  9580 (central Pacific, North America)
  12065 (central Pacific, NAM)

2150-2157 UTC on
  11695 (south-east Asia, Europe) new freq for MFSK
  21740 (central Pacific, North America) new freq for MFSK

with 40 seconds of RA tuning signal at the start of each data session.


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