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WIA Board Meets and Re-appoints Executive

Date : 22 / 06 / 2013
Author : Roger Harrison - VK2ZRH

At its first meeting this past week, the new Board of the WIA for 2013-2104 re-elected the outgoing executive that steered the Institute since October last year, since the untimely death of Michael Owen VK3KI. Remaining in their former roles are Phil Wait VK2ASD as President, Chris Platt VK5CP as Vice-President, John Longayroux VK3PZ as Treasurer, and David Williams VK3RU as Secretary.

For the first time, the Board got together via an online application known as "Go To Meeting". Investigated and set up by Treasurer, John Longayroux VK3PZ, it proved a great success, with directors joining the online meeting from locations scattered across the country. The system offers significant cost-savings

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The four newly-elected directors were welcomed by President Phil Wait VK2ASD, being Roger Harrison VK2ZRH, Ewan McCleod VK4ERM, Fred Swainston VK3DAC and Robert Broomhead VK3DN.

As an early item of business, the Board set about appointing directors to serve on the ten committees, which were constituted as an initiative of last year’s WIA Board. You will shortly find the list of directors appointed to the various committees listed here via this Link and under the "About The WIA" menu on the WIA website, along with some words about the committees’ functions. The committee system has a very important role to play in the functioning of the WIA, in serving the needs of members and the amateur radio community, as well as the development of new roles and functions for the Institute.

High on the Board’s agenda for discussion at its first meeting were the Foundation Licence Review, which is ongoing and with many issues to consider, the Institute’s next steps in progressing the WIA submission to the ACMA concerning retention of spectrum at 2300 MHz, and progress with the High Power trial, which is under way.

If members haven’t already noticed, the new MEMNET system went live on the first of June. You will recall that MEMNET is a cloud-based membership management system that enables membership access online to WIA services and facilities, and has the ability to provide a targeted information service to members depending on their interests and activities. The new Board discussed various aspects of MEMNET’s implementation, its functioning and how it develops in meeting the Institute’s goals for it.


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