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Date : 17 / 07 / 2013
Author : Jack Bramham - VK3WWW

n Friday 19th July at around 20:00 EST the EMDRC will be transmitting Digital Amateur Television live to celebrate the launch of the club DATV station. During the live event we will have a couple of short presentations explaining some of the components used in the construction and some of the boards that were locally designed and built for the TV transmitter.
If you are local and interested in coming along we will be presenting at the EMDRC Clubrooms in East Burwood click this Link for details.

If you are not local and would also like to see the event then you can look at VK3RTV1 by tuning your TV or Set Top Box to 446.500mhz. This is a local broadcast and you may need line of sight to Mount Dandenong to receive the low power output. Also a signal must be present for your tuner to lock in. If you are not local and would like to participate in the event then you can by looking at the BATC (British Amateur Television Club) page via this Link. Scroll down and choose VK3RTV1. We plan to activate VK3RTV2 as well so at times you might need to switch between RTV 1 and 2. To see both RTV1 and 2 at the same time that is possible by looking at the Melbourne ATV group page via this Link.

The EMDRC would like to thank WIA for the generous grant via the Club Grants Scheme, Damian VK3KQ for the gathering of components and construction of the transmitter, Ralph VK3LL for his technical input with the the construction and, also the design of the on screen display board, Peter VK3BFG for all the testing and tuning required to get the project to the stage it now is. Last but not least all of the members of the EMDRC that were able to contribute in some way to the project.


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