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Ready for the World ATV QSO

Date : 27 / 08 / 2013
Author : Jim Linton - VK3PC

ATVers around Australia will take part in the annual World ATV QSO Party this Friday and Saturday, through USA repeaters, some direct transmissions and others via Skype. All transmissions end up on the Digitised Repeater VK3RTV in the Melbourne-Geelong area with Peter Cossins VK3BFG the anchor, and streamed live via the British Amateur TV Club website.

The event, first held in 2011 as part of the Amateur Radio Victoria centenary, has led to an increased interest in the visual mode of transmission. Peter VK3BFG says ATVers should join the party personally with short show and tells or anything else that would be of interest. Overs will be kept relatively short, and if time permits they may have a second turn in some circumstances.

It begins on Friday 30 August at 0930Z (7.30pm AEST) with a check-in of stations, who will be called by VK3BFG from a list to transmit on VK3RTV1 or 2. If you're late don't worry, because you can be added later.' External Skype stations for Friday's session are expected to be VK2ZUH, VK4RKC (Brisbane ATV Repeater), VK5ADM, VK7OTC, VK7EM, and VK7AX. These stations should monitor the BATC website and log into the Skype event station, 'atvqsoparty'. More Skype stations are welcome and should send a request to 'atvqsoparty' if they wish to participate. Each Skype station will be given a call by VK3BFG on Skype before being switched through to VK3RTV1.

On Saturday August 31 at 0100z (11am AEST), ATVers on the WR8ATV DATV Repeater in Columbus Ohio will be patched, then follows the W6ATN Southern Californian ATV network. During that time Ken W6HHC will give an update on the DATV Express Project. The USA repeaters have their own anchors controlling the many stations involved, and don't forget all transmissions will be on VK3RTV and streamed via BATC.

The operation will be a bit complex. Stations should please standby if any problems arise rather than contacting the very busy anchors.


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