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Amateur Repeaters: Power Limits and Cross-Border Linking

Date : 19 / 09 / 2013
Author : Phil Wait - VK2ASD

Several questions have been raised recently concerning the operation of amateur repeaters. To avoid uncertainty, the WIA has released this information for clubs applying for a new repeater licence:

Power Output of Repeaters

The ACMA limit power output of all repeaters to 50 watts maximum, regardless of the general power limit specified in the amateur LCD.
The reason for this is to limit the potential for cross-interference on co-shared transmitter sites. To comply with this requirement, and to avoid applications being automatically rejected by the ACMA, the WIA will modify all repeater applications received to specify 50 Watts power output. Co-shared transmitter sites may also be required to comply with the communal site licence conditions. This condition, if applicable, will be attached to the repeater licence.
If an amateur repeater is proposed in a remote location well away from other services, with evidence supporting the operational need for higher power, an application may be made to the ACMA to have the restriction removed. Naturally, in this case the repeater application may be delayed.

Cross-linking of Repeaters Across State Borders

There is no restriction on cross-linking of amateur repeaters across State borders. Under an in-principal agreement between the WIA and the ACMA, the ACMA licenses each repeaters transmitter (Tx frequency), and records the associated repeater receive frequency on the licence for the link transmitter controlling that repeater.
Provided each end of the link in each State is licensed with the correct associated receiver record, there is no regulatory issue.


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