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2013 News Releases




Do we meet the tek-nol-uh-jee definition ?

Date : 22 / 09 / 2013
Author : PR4AmateurRadio

It surrounds us, often taken for granted. One definition of technology is that it's a branch of knowledge dealing with the creation, use, interrelation with life, society, and the environment.

Hey, that's really what modern and diverse amateur radio is all about! One important thing is that the hobby is now easily accessible.

It enables people from all walks of life to be involved, enjoying a life-time of learning, meeting new friends and to be part of a worldwide community. The WIA strongly believes in modern amateur radio promotion, the recruitment of newcomers and lapsed radio amateurs. The community should know we exist, understand and appreciate the activity.

Many of them would give it a go if they knew more and received a little encouragement.

The WIA has called for affiliated clubs, organisations and groups of members to be involved in the PR4AmateurRadio Expo to be held on April 13-15, 2014.


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