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What will be Amateur Radio in the future?

Date : 01 / 11 / 2013
Author : PR4AmateurRadio

Are you happy with the way things are now, without giving deep thought how, over the years, Amateur Radio has truly evolved?

First we had wireless experimenters dabbling in the scientific oddity of spark-gap telegraphy, then came valves, amplitude modulation, radio broadcasting and shortwaves opening up the world, satellites and more. A lot has happened, not to mention television, the Internet and the use of a plethora of digital modes and weak signal working.

Do visionaries that look to the next 5, 10 or 20 years still exist? A declining number of newcomers can pose a real threat to Amateur Radio, and it could happen in Australia. An unknowing community has rarely heard of Amateur Radio, or thinks we're old fashioned, bypassed by computer and information technology, and does not provide new challenges.

Think about how best you can promote Amateur Radio - sure we need to reflect on the past, but we also need to emphasise the now and the future. The WIA through its clubs and individuals has the PR4AmateurRadio Expo in April. Details about it can be read now on and visiting the What's On section.


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