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2013 News Releases




The future of Amateur Radio - a possible way forward

Date : 16 / 11 / 2013
Author : PR4AmateurRadio

A recent Wireless Institute of Australia email survey of radio clubs on the promotion of Amateur Radio found it faces some serious barriers, but there were a few worthwhile responses to consider. Clubs who did not reply may rely on their existing membership base for activity and meetings. By their lack of response, it seems external promotion of Amateur Radio is not a high priority for some of them.

The survey found the activity of promotion can be in the hands of new radio amateurs and their enthusiasm really shines through. The themes expressed are that; Amateur Radio is fascinating; should be targeted for younger people; promoted through schools as part of the existing curriculum; Scouting and JOTA deserves more emphasis; and that emerging do-it-yourself opportunities exist. Other responses suggest the use of notice-boards, speakers, websites and social media, including a prepared presentation to complement the existing WIA brochure and poster.

The WIA is thinking about how best it can further promote Amateur Radio within its resources, by helping the membership and affiliated clubs. Among the initial thoughts is to have radio amateurs recruit a new person or re-activate one each year. How to overcome the general community lack of awareness of Amateur Radio is being considered, along with the need to have everyone thinking about promotion.

The WIA is steadily working towards the PR4AmateurRadio Expo in April. Details of this exciting Expo can be seen via the What’s On section of the WIA website.


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