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Managing a contest

The duties of a contest manager include drawing up the contest rules and publicising them. In drawing up the rules, the contest manager consults with the WIA Contests Co-ordinator to ensure that the contest fits well into the annual WIA contest program. The contest manager also keeps an eye on feedback from contest entrants, to make sure that the rules remain up to date and that they are clear and easy to follow.

After the contest, the contest manager checks the logs received from entrants, makes any scoring adjustments that may be needed, then draws up the list of results and arranges for them to be published. The final step is to notify the entrants of their results and send them their certificates or trophies.

Remembrance Day Contest

Alan Shannon VK4SN
QLD 4341
Email Address :

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John Moyle Field Day

Denis Johnstone  VK4AE / VK3ZUX
QLD 4817
Email Address :

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Ross Hull Memorial VHF/UHF Contest

John Martin  VK3KM
VIC 3153
Email Address :

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Oceania DX Contest

Tony Burt  VK3TZ
Vermont South
VIC 3133
Email Address :

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VHF/UHF Field Days

Roger Harrison VK2ZRH
NSW 1225
Email Address :

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