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Your WIA Needs Intruder Watchers

Date : 10 / 02 / 2005
Author : Glen Dunstan - VK4DU

Non-amateur stations operating in exclusive amateur bands pose a great threat to our hobby. The only effective way to counter this threat is by monitoring and documenting the intruders.

This function is undertaken by amateurs who are known as intruder watchers or monitors. There are no special skills or equipment required for intruder watching - even the most modest of HF stations are suitable for the task.

Reports from Australian intruder watchers are collated and forwarded to the regional International Amateur Radio Union monitoring coordinator, who is located in India .

The regional coordinator compiles reports from all national amateur radio societies in our region and forwards them to the International Amateur Radio Union (or IARU). The IARU normally liaises with the International Telecommunications Union to resolve the problem.

Your national WIA needs intruder watchers and also a national monitoring services coordinator. If you are interested in either of these jobs, please e-mail National WIA Director Glenn Dunstan VK4DU at

Help safeguard our bands - become an intruder watcher.


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