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2005 News Releases




Harry Angel Memorial Sprint Results

Date : 14 / 06 / 2005
Author : Chris Jones - VK2ZDD

This is now an annual Contest to remember VK's oldest licensed operator, Harry Angel. Harry's age when he died in 1998. The contest is open to all
appropriately qualified HF operators.

The object is to make as many contacts as possible on 80 metres, using
modes CW and SSB.

The rules are;
 Categories: Single Operator (CW, Phone, Mixed) and SWL.
 Frequencies: CW 3500-3700 kHz, Phone: 3535-3700 kHz. Contacts in DX window not permitted.
 Exchange RS(T) and serial number; revert to 001 if 999 reached.
 Score two points per CW QSO and one point per Phone QSO. Stations may be worked once only per mode.
 Logs must show time UTC; callsign worked (both callsigns for SWLs; mode; RS(T); serial numbers sent and received for each QSO.
 Send summary sheet showing name and date of Contest; name, address and callsign of entrant; category entered; points claimed and a signed declaration

The results for 2005 are as follows;

1st place VK3JS 24 points
2nd place VK4AQ 20 points
3rd place VK4BUI 18 points

1st place VK4XY 63 points
2nd place VK5SR 57 points
3rd place VK4YZ 55 points
4th place VK2LCD 41 points
5th place VK3EK 38 points
6th place VK6ZN/2 36 points
6th place VK7VH 36 points
8th place VK4KSS 32 points
9th place VK5YX 29 points
10th place VK4SN 28 points
11th place VK3SC 26 points
11th place VK4FJ 26 points
13th place VK5HCF 25 points
13th place VK3PRA 25 points
15th place VK4DMC 24 points
16th place VK7JGD 21 points
17th place VK3MUD 18 points
18th place VK2JHN 14 points

1st place VK2BPL 64 points
2nd place VK5UE 13 points


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