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2005 News Releases




40 and 80m Wideband QRM Continues

Date : 24 / 06 / 2005
Author : Glen Dunstan - VK4DU

The wideband interference signals reported last week on the national news continue to plague our 40 and 80 m bands." There has been some speculation that these signals could be coming from a Surface Wave HF Radar surveillance system recently installed in Torres Strait." WIA Director and National Intruder Watch coordinator Glenn Dunstan VK4DU said."However, the Defence Department has advised that Surface Wave Radars do not transmit on the 40 and 80m amateur bands" Glenn said."We have received a number of Intruder watch reports on this interference, including a couple of sound bites of the signals. I have collated these reports and forwarded them on to the ACA for investigation."

The WIA Intruder watch service needs your reports - please email reports to


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