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2005 News Releases




Singapore Amateurs have immediate access to the band 7.100MHz to 7.200MHz

Date : 04 / 10 / 2005
Author : Jothi - 9V1JN

Effective October 3, 2005 the Singapore licensing authority has approved the allocation for the 7.1-7.2MHz band for Singapore amateurs with immediate effect. The allocation is on a secondary use basis subject to the following;

Maximum transmit power 100 watts ERP
Spot frequencies of 7.135, 7.160 and 7.170MHz are to be avoided
To adopt a "listen before talk protocol"
The use is on a non-interference and non-protection basis

The Singapore authorities have confirmed that this band will be allocated to the amateur service on primary basis with effect from 29 March 2009.


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