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2005 News Releases




The 6th Region 3 ARDF Championships held September 19 - 24, in the Niigata Region of Japa

Date : 09 / 10 / 2005
Author : Jack Bramham - VK3WWW

Nine Countries attended this years ARDF championship, which is similar to Orienteering, the main difference is competitors must find up to 5 transmitters placed around the course. The competitor who finds the most transmitters in the shortest possible time is deemed to be the winner of their category.

Adam VK3YDF and Mark VK3JMD represented WIA Australia in the Open section. Bryan VK3YNG and Bruce VK3TJN represented the WIA in the M40 section. The bands used in the contest are 80m and 2m.

In the open 80m open category Adam VK3YDF was awarded Silver and Mark VK3JMD Bronze. In the M40 category Bryan VK3YNG took the Gold medal and Bruce VK3TJN took the Silver. In each category there are up to 3 competitors in a team. Team results for the 80m event saw the WIA awarded Gold in both the open and M40 categories.

Two days later saw the 2m event, the course and competition was much tougher than the 80m event, and even so the WIA team did very well. In the open section Adam VK3YDF was awarded the Silver and Mark VK3JMD was 8th. In the M40 section Bruce VK3TJN was 5th and Bryan VK3YNG was 8th. The team event in the open section saw the WIA awarded the Gold, in the M40 section the team was awarded the Bronze medal.

Congratulations to all of the WIA team members.
Jack VK3WWW, WIA ARDF Coordinator.


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