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WIA Appoints Assessors

Date : 13 / 10 / 2005
Author : Chris Jones - VK2ZDD

WIA President, Michael Owen, VK3KI, announced today that the WIA Board had formally accredited and registered 5 Nominated Assessors and 67 WIA Assessors, all with effect from 14 October 2005. All have been qualified by the WIA’s Registered Training Organisation.

This is the next step in giving effect to the WIA’s new system of assessment of competency for the qualifications for the new Australian amateur licenses, relying on WIA Assessors, who can provide the practical assessment that will be required when the new structure comes into force, as well as marking examination papers.

The appointments follow the successful Assessor Training courses held in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney, conducted by Fred Swainston.

Certificates had been posted today to most of the new Assessors, with the balance to be posted early next week.

“The WIA Board is delighted with the support its new system has been given right across Australia, and is delighted to congratulate this first group” said Michael.

Michael also said that a further group is expected to be accredited and registered in the very near future, as a number of people have been qualified and they will be accredited and registered by the Board as soon as the documentation needed is received from them.

A list of the Assessors, their callsigns and their home towns is annexed to this release and will be placed on the WIA website.


Qualified WIA Nominated Assessors

Bertrand, Ron VK2DQ - Nominated Assessor – Oxenford, QLD

Cordukes, Roger VK4CD - Nominated Assessor – Kelso, QLD

Ryeland, Terry VK2UX - Nominated Assessor - Glenbrook , NSW

Watts , Peter VK5ZFW - Nominated Assessor - One Tree Hill, SA

Willmott, Peter VK3TQ - Nominated Assessor – Woodend, VIC

Qualified WIA Assessors

Adams, Philip VK3JNI - WIA Assessor - Wattle Glen, VIC

Bates, Barry VK5KBJ - WIA Assessor - Aldinga Beach , SA

Bourke, Stan VK2EL - WIA Assessor – Kiama, NSW

Bourke, Chris VK4YE - WIA Assessor - Tamborine Village , QLD

Broomhead, Robert VK3KRB - WIA Assessor - Glen Waverley, VIC

Clancy, Tony VK2MS - WIA Assessor – Southport , QLD

Cockburn, Peter VK5TZX - WIA Assessor - West Croydon , SA

Cook, Craig VK3CMC - WIA Assessor - Cape Clear , VIC

Cotterill, Roy VK4IG - WIA Assessor – Ashmore, QLD

Creed, Jeff VK4ZJC - WIA Assessor – Carindale, QLD

Croucher, Ron VK4CRO - WIA Assessor – Belmont, QLD

Dahl, Domenic VK2YDD - WIA Assessor - Coffs Harbour , NSW

Davies, Terry VK2KDK - WIA Assessor – Moonbi, NSW

Dimitrijevic, Chris VK3FY - WIA Assessor – Hillside , VIC

Drew, John VK5DJ - WIA Assessor – Millicent, SA

Emmett, Reg VK7KK - WIA Assessor - Acton Park , TAS

Eyles, John VK2YW - WIA Assessor - Wagga Wagga, NSW

Farmer, Jeff VK8GF - WIA Assessor - Alice Springs , NT

Ferguson , Noel VK3FI - WIA Assessor - Nichols Point, VIC

Freeman, Peter VK3KAI - WIA Assessor – Churchill, VIC

Gillard, Ian VK3ZZG - WIA Assessor – Bendigo , VIC

Glendinning, George VK4AJL - WIA Assessor – Walkerston, QLD

Gooley, Keith VK5OQ - WIA Assessor - One Tree Hill, SA

Hawes, Alan VK1WX – WIA Assessor – Evatt, ACT

Harding, Peter VK4JPH - WIA Assessor - Regents Park , QLD

Hoffman, Paul VK5PH - WIA Assessor - Glen Osmond, SA

Husk, Neil VK6BDO - WIA Assessor – Rossmoyne, WA

Illmayer, Peter VK2YX , VK2US - WIA Assessor – Cranebrook, NSW

Jenner, Allan VK4KZ - WIA Assessor – Elimbah, QLD

LaMacchia, Tony VK2BTL - WIA Assessor – Hornsby, NSW

Lerro, Raffaele VK4XRF - WIA Assessor – Molendinar, QLD

Linton, Jim VK3PC - WIA Assessor - Mt Waverley, VIC

Mackie, Rob VK2QR - WIA Assessor – Talbingo, NSW

McCarthy, Dale VK4DMC - WIA Assessor – Atherton, QLD

McGrath, John VK4JM - WIA Assessor – Bundaberg, QLD

Millar, Merv VK5MX - WIA Assessor - Croydon Park , SA

Murace, Adrian VK6XAM - WIA Assessor – Midland , WA

Nayar, Sasi VK5SN - WIA Assessor – Seaton, SA

Niven, Trevor VK5NC - WIA Assessor - Mt Gambier, SA

Northeast, Ian VK5XE - WIA Assessor – Clare, SA

Nutt, Alan VK2GD - WIA Assessor - Port Macquarie , NSW

O'Brien, Grahame VK2FA - WIA Assessor – Newcastle , NSW

Parker, Les VK4ZLP - WIA Assessor – Brisbane, QLD

Piper, Kim VK2ZW - WIA Assessor – Booral, NSW

Pittard, Ross VK3FCE - WIA Assessor – Bendigo , VIC

Platt, Christopher VK5JJJ - WIA Assessor – Glenelg, SA

Pomroy, Colin VK3BLE - WIA Assessor – Longford, VIC

Proctor, Keith VK3FT - WIA Assessor - Vermont Sth, VIC

Quick, Trevor VK5ATQ - WIA Assessor – Houghton, SA

Randall, David VK4TDR - WIA Assessor – Nerang, QLD

Rankin, Gerard VK5ZQV - WIA Assessor - Royston Park , SA

Sait, Clive VK4ACC - WIA Assessor – Rockhampton, QLD

Scott, Graeme VK2KE - WIA Assessor – Albury, NSW

Solovieff, Steve VK2UD - WIA Assessor – Valentine, NSW

Taylor, David VK2TDT - WIA Assessor - Tamworth , NSW

Timms, David VK3YLV - WIA Assessor – Horsham, VIC

Tolmie, Peter VK2ZPT - WIA Assessor - Baulkham Hills, NSW

Tomkins, Sue VK4ST - WIA Assessor - Nth Tamborine, QLD

Tregear, Steven VK3TSR - WIA Assessor - Yarra Junction, VIC

Tregellas, James VK5JST - WIA Assessor - Morphett Vale, SA

Turner, Michael VK5AMT - WIA Assessor - Port Noarlunga Sth, SA

Van De Weyer, Eric VK2KUR - WIA Assessor – Vaucluse, NSW

Weatherley, Matthew VK4TMW - WIA Assessor – Highfields, QLD

Weir, John VK3ZRV - WIA Assessor – Montmorency, VIC

White, Peter VK2YPN - WIA Assessor - Bolton Point, NSW

Whitehorn, Dean VK5ZDW - WIA Assessor – Yattalunga, SA

Whitelaw, Ian VK2ZCD - WIA Assessor – Casula, NSW

Willis, Andrew VK5LA - WIA Assessor – Berri, SA


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