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2005 News Releases




The Latest on the New Licences

Date : 13 / 10 / 2005
Author : Chris Jones - VK2ZDD

WIA President, Michael Owen, VK3KI said today that the WIA was very conscious of the imminent release of the Determination that will give effect to the first phase of the changes to be made to amateur regulation, introducing the three new amateur licences.

As said in separate releases, the WIA has accredited and registered some 72 Nominated Assessors and WIA Assessors from across Australia, has published their names, and has also published a revised WIA Assessment Instructions, which has been placed on the WIA website.

The Assessment Instructions includes the Practical Assessment Check Sheet, which sets out all the matters covered by the practical assessment, which includes demonstrating how to tune a transmitter and how to conduct a contact, and should reassure those who feared the practical assessment could be too difficult.

And this weekend, a large trial Foundation training course conducted on the Gold Coast will test the system and identify any areas where further improvement is necessary.

“I anticipate that the Amending Determination will be published and come into force in the first half of next week”, said the President. “I also expect that the frequencies and other conditions for the new Foundation Licence and the Novice, Novice Limited and Standard licences as well as the Unrestricted, Limited, Intermediate and Advanced Licences, will be substantially as proposed in the ACA’s “Outcomes of the Review of Amateur Service Regulation”.

Michael said that he understood that ACMA will place details on its website just before the Determination comes into force, and at the same time the WIA will make a release on its website, linking to ACMA’s site and providing as much information as possible.


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