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2005 News Releases




International Space Station to operate in JOTA

Date : 13 / 10 / 2005
Author : Tony, VK5ZAI

Bill McArthur, Commander of the International Space Station (ISS) hopes to make some contacts with JOTA stations this weekend. Bill took over command of the ISS last Tuesday. Bill is going to try and be active for JOTA. Bill said that it is hard to say when since he is still getting use to the ISS and may have other things to do.

Here were the suggested pass times for Australia...but he could operate at
Recommended start times for passes (GMT) Oct 15 during normal crew wake:
0747 - New Zealand
0923 - New Zealand, Australia (South Eastern)
1053 - Australia (Eastern)
1226 - Australia (Central), Indonesia (Eastern)
1402 - Australia (Western), Indonesia (Western), Philippines

Recommended start times for passes (GMT) Oct 16 during normal crew wake:
0811 - New Zealand
0944 - Australia (Eastern)
1116 - Australia (Central), Indonesia (Eastern)
1251 - Australia (Western), Indonesia (Western), Philippines


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