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An Echolink node just for ladies

Date : 03 / 11 / 2005
Author : Lin Ashford - G6HZI

Female radio hams often like to have a chat with other ladies on the air - there aren't too many around at the moment though, ladies have reported feeling slightly intimidated when faced with so many male operators and often prefer to sit on the sidelines and become SWL's.

So, here in England, UK we have come up with a groundbreaking new idea - an IRLP/Echolink Conference Server especially for YL's. *UKLOTA* can be found on node 270165 - Echolink and will be home to YL's Worldwide.

The Conference Server was set up by G6HZI - Linda here in Central England. Lin has been licensed for 24 years but spent far more time as an SWL than an operator due to raising a family and feeling a little off put by so many males on the air - "I often felt that it would be nice to have a chat with another YL, but there didn't seem many around. I have since learnt that many other YL's feel the same way so, I decided to set up my own Conference Server to help all the YL's feel more confident on the radio." (Quote from G6HZI)

Once the problem was realised, G4LCH (Repeater Keeper/Sysop for GB3DX and England Conference Server - node 7125) was asked to assist with setting up the node, which he has done and the node is now fully operational. *UKLOTA* hope to arrange regular skeds and nets and an interactive website is currently being developed.


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