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2005 News Releases




An update on the Melbourne Foundation Licence course

Date : 10 / 11 / 2005
Author : Jim Linton - VK3PC (Amateur Radio Victoria)

The Melbourne trial, being conducted by Amateur Radio Victoria will have eight to ten prospective Foundation Licensees undergoing both training and assessments. Each has had at least a week of intensive self-study preparation that includes special reference text provided to them. The trial is seen as an important first step in VK3 towards rolling out the new Foundation Licence system. Up to half a dozen WIA Accredited Assessors have indicated they will attend to both observe and carry out both the written and practical assessments.

The experience gained by assessors at the trial will be available to the clubs outside metropolitan Melbourne, should they need assistance with their first assessment sessions. Several clubs in the Melbourne area have enrolled candidates for their Foundation Licence sessions with the first of these likely to be held late this month or during December.

Amateur Radio Victoria is proposing to have training and assessments once a month. A similar situation is being reported in some regional areas of Victoria. There appears to be sufficient people interested in attempting the Foundation Licence at this stage, without the need for major publicity. In fact, no major promotion is occurring until the new licence system settles down. Indications are that amateur media such as the VK1WIA broadcast and websites, and word-of-mouth, are responsible for the existing healthy queue of candidates.


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