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And now for something completely different from your intruder watching service

Date : 12 / 11 / 2005
Author : Alan - VK2DAN

Last weekend in Sydney it appears that 2 meters was used as an illegal communications link between a Grand Prix racing car and pit crew. Sydney amateurs reported monitoring car-pit communications on 147.7 MHz, emanating from the Eastern Creek racing circuit. No callsigns were used, and it was reported that the pit crew and driver had British accents.

The Eastern Creek circuit hosted the inaugural Australian round of the A1 Grand Prix. One can only surmise that the team in question was using 2 meter transceivers because of cost considerations. In other words, they were doing it on the cheap.... Of course, this is not the first time that our 2 meter band has been used by commercial pirates from overseas. 144 MHz was used extensively by hang glider pilots competing in an Australian competition a few years ago.

So, for all you petrol head hams out there, why not take your 2 meter transceiver to the next race meeting, and set it on scan. You may be surprised what you find....


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