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2005 News Releases




Melbourne Foundation Licence Trial wrap-up report

Date : 13 / 11 / 2005
Author : Jim Linton - VK3PC (Amateur Radio Victoria)

A total of 14 qualified for the Foundation Licence at the Melbourne trial held 12-13 November and they're now eagerly waiting to get on air.

In a hectic weekend the WIA Foundation Licence Assessment trial that hosted by Amateur Radio Victoria spread across two metropolitan venues, involving a total of 10 WIA assessors and two invigilators.

All gained very good hands-on experience that they can use in the future, either to run their own assessments or to assist other assessors. The cooperative spirit among assessors is strong.

One venue in the Melbourne trial was in conjunction with a training program run by the Scout Radio and Electronics Service Unit at Mt Waverley. Six qualified for the Foundation Licence and three of them then went on to sit for the Standard Licence.

The three are believed to be the first to contest the Standard licence under the new three-tier licence restructure assessment process.

The second venue was at Box Hill North where nine from metropolitan Melbourne and one each from Healesville and White Hills, underwent training on the Saturday and a final revision session on Sunday before their assessments.

Their instructor was Murray Lewis VK3EZM, an experienced lecturer, adept at mixing the theory and practical training and imparting knowledge at the Foundation syllabus level.

The candidates had also been engaged in intensive self-study for more than a week using the British Foundation Licence NOW book, imported by Amateur Radio Victoria as a stop-gap measure until the WIA's Foundation Licence Manual became available.

Amateur Radio Victoria is planning its second Foundation Licence course and/or assessments for the weekend of 10-11 December. Enrolments are almost full.


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