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VK100WIA Callsign analysis

Date : 25 / 11 / 2010
Author : Robert Broomhead - VK3DN

An analysis of the VK100WIA logbook yields interesting statistics. With the log book now finalised at 24,440 contacts David Park VK3JDA has carried out some further in-depth analysis of its 611 pages. It has been found that the 40m band had 10,500 contacts, followed in popularity by 80m with 5,000, 20m 4,100 and 2m just over 3,000. In fact 14 bands were used by VK100WIA ranging from 160m through to the 3cm band. Looking at the modes used, as would be expected SSB comes up triumphs with 19,000 contacts, and CW got a very good pounding with nearly 1400 QSOs logged. Others listed as modes in the log were AM, IRLP, D-STAR, PSK, JT65C, SSTV, ATV, APRS and one EME or moon bounce contact.

Thanks to David VK3JDA for producing the analysis report downloadable below.

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