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2017 News Releases




Interference Management Review

Date : 16 / 08 / 2017
Author : Spectrum Strategy Committee

In the first week of August, the ACMA announced that it will be undertaking a review of the current Interference Management Principles, under which it investigates complaints of interference to radiocommunications services. These principles were first set down in 2004 and later updated in 2010. They are used to guide the Priority Compliance Area (PCA) program that takes a strategic approach to addressing identified high-risk compliance issues. You can read about the program here. Link

The review has been undertaken in light of future developments related to the Radiocommunications Bill 2017, released in May. The WIA has made a submission to the Department of Communications on the proposed Bill. The ACMA has released a Consultation paper, which you can download from the link below.

Four questions have been posed by the ACMA, set out below, for which it is seeking responses from the radiocommunications community.

1. Do you consider that the Proposed Principles would operate effectively, and encourage the more timely resolution of interference cases now and under the future communications environment?
2. Do the Proposed Principles create any barriers to resolving cases of interference using the most appropriate approach; that is, cooperative, private rights of action or enforcement action?
3. Are there principles other than these that the ACMA should use to guide its interference management decisions?
4. Are there any other matters the ACMA should consider when revising the 2004 Principles?

Have Your Say
To assist in developing a response, the WIA is seeking comments from the amateur radio community on the ACMA’s Proposed Principles. Now is the time for you to help the WIA and have your say via our online consultation process, by clicking this Link.

The deadline for submitting your comments to the WIA is 1 September 2017.

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