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2017 News Releases



Have your say on the draft Volunteer Charter

22/ 01/ 2017   Development of a Volunteer Charter was announced by the WIA Board in 2016. A draft was sent to the WIA committees for comment. Helpful feedback and suggestions have been received and incorporated into a new draft which is now released to the Amateur Radio community at large for comment.
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Work continues towards WRC 2019

16/ 01/ 2017   A major change in approach for the IARU is a Matrix system introduced with specific responsibilities being taken by individuals on the team at the World Radiocommunications Conference.
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WIA Elections, Nominations and Ballot

14/ 01/ 2017   The election of the Wireless Institute of Australia (WIA) Board of Directors by postal ballot will happen in March; the nomination of candidates closes with the Returning Officer on January 31.
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Band Planning plays an important role

14/ 01/ 2017   The Wireless Institute of Australia is reviewing the digital segment in its band plan for the 80 metre band and for several other HF bands where the Australian band plan does not correspond to the plans applying in other countries.
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The WIA Fact Sheets

12/ 01/ 2017   Some WIA members noting accusations and criticisms on social media and elsewhere, have sought a response from the WIA Board to those claims.
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Minimal change in latest Australian Radiofrequency Spectrum Plan

08/ 01/ 2017   The latest Australian Radiofrequency Spectrum Plan – ARSP 2017 – was published on the Australian Communications and Media Authority’s (ACMA) website on 3 January 2017.
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AX prefix on Australia's national day

02/ 01/ 2017   All radio amateurs may substitute their normal VK callsign prefix with the letters AX, on Australia Day – Thursday January 26.
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No Special-Purpose Grants Program for 2017

02/ 01/ 2017   The Special-Purpose Grants Program of the Wireless Institute of Australia (WIA), will not proceed for 2017.
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Licences for repeaters & beacons are now streamlined

02/ 01/ 2017   Australian Communications and Media Authority licence applications for Amateur Radio repeaters and beacons are now handled differently to speed up issuing and reduce errors that may occur.
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WIA moves ahead STEM involvement

02/ 01/ 2017   The Wireless Institute of Australia (WIA) is developing a plan for the involvement of radio amateurs in the Federal Government promoted Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) program.
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60 metres not ready for amateur occupation in VK

01/ 01/ 2017   The new amateur band at 5.3 MHz allocated world-wide to the Amateur Service in late 2015, has been incorporated into the Australian Radiofrequency Spectrum Plan (ARSP) 2017, but a number of further steps have to be taken before Australian amateurs can occupy the band.
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