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2017 News Releases




WIA board had a busy October meeting

Date : 02 / 11 / 2017
Author : WIA Secretary

The Wireless Institute of Australia (WIA) board of directors had a full agenda in October and made further progress on a number of matters affecting all WIA members.

Most items have background papers that are pre-read by directors before each monthly board meeting.
Major discussions concluded were:
  The WIA Radio and Electronics Convention and AGM contact and arrangements
  Dispute Resolution process with an appointment to be made soon
  The WIA membership acceptance now handled by the office under delegation
  Update on the move of AR magazine to 6 issues and updates to contractual arrangements
  And the creation of an operational management team
Each month the board has had a report on finances, and October was no different. Directors reviewed the financial reports including a profit and loss statement.
Four directors were to undergo training provided by the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD).
One reported that he had completed all of the four eLearning courses, with three nearing an end to qualify for certificates.

Other matters discussed were:
  The readiness for the end of December audit
  Revitalisation of Committees with some inactive and not responding
  An information paper from the QSL Manager on the WIA QSL Bureaux
  And the Nominated Training Organisation reported on a Field Trial for On Line Remote Examinations involving an Australian citizen overseas
Matters also due to be finalised include a new WIA Regulation Postal Ballot for the Election of Directors, and a review of the meeting and agenda process.


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