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Armistice Day Centenary to be commemorated

Date : 12 / 11 / 2017
Author : Jim Linton - VK3PC

The end of WWI came when Armistice was declared on the 11th hour, of the 11th day of the 11th month, in 1918. The war was to end all wars, but there was an uneasy peace that saw WWII begin in September 1939.

The Centenary of the Armistice is November next year, and the Wireless Institute of Australia will join the commemoration set to be marked in England and elsewhere. The WIA board recently approved the plan for participation in the ANZAC Commemoration for Armistice Day 2018. The event co-ordinator is Fred Swainston VK3DAC VK4FE, who gained experience from leading the 8-month long ANZAC 100 campaign that involved the Australian states, and the territories of the Antarctic and Norfolk Island. His first task is to apply to the Department of Veterans Affairs requesting permission to use the word ANZAC for QSL purposes.

A lot of planning goes into such an event, including liaison with similar commemorations overseas. Full details are expected to be unveiled at the WIA AGM in May.


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