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Amateur Radio magazine a new beginning

Date : 26 / 11 / 2017
Author : Jim Linton - VK3PC

The December Amateur Radio magazine is its final monthly edition and to come out as a bi-monthly in 2018. That necessary decision is due to cost factors and the opportunities to refocus it, which are reported a bit later.

Let us recap how the WIA journal began and its evolvement over the decades. It was in October 1933 that the first edition of Amateur Radio was published by the WIA Victorian Division. With the outbreak of war in WWII in September 1939, the magazine was produced for a few months.
Then wanting to continue the WIA and hold together the hobby, it was a hand cranked duplicator magazine during the war years. On the cessation of hostilities the WIA reported the resumption of the hobby, and its negotiations with authorities.

The next major phase was when Amateur Radio magazine and other historical WIA matters like the membership database run at the Victorian Division went to a new company WIA Federal in 1972. The magazine evolution saw it adopt modern production and printing techniques, moving from manuscripts that had to be converted to print, to digital files on disk, through to email attachments. It also went from a dowdy black and white publication to full colour. Since 1933 Amateur Radio had sought to be a record of history, and will continue in that role. But in a bimonthly production, and so it can still have appeal of the changing audience the contents will naturally change, but this may take months to fully achieve.

Now the reality change. Amateur Radio is the highest single expense of the Institute.
As Amateur Radio enters the next phase; the readership, contributors, advertisers, and those steering the course of this publication, have their own part to play in its future. A fuller story has been submitted to the magazine for publication.


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