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Pacific island villagers get electricity and water storage

Date : 13 / 01 / 2018
Author : Jim Linton - VK3PC

A radio amateur from Far North Queensland has achieved a lot for a remote village while on holidays in the Solomon Islands. Shane Lynd VK4KHZ visits the village of Busuone once a year, and has been helping to build a guest house/holiday home and teaching a couple of the locals about amateur radio.

Shane VK4KHZ was there for five weeks and taught a couple of the local teenagers who want to become H44 amateur radio operators some basic amateur radio techniques and operating. During openings on 6 metres there was also a keen bunch of local on-lookers with many asking questions such as where is that person? One local in particular, Gibson Laeni, after several days of observing, was confident enough to grab the H44DA microphone and call CQ under supervision. With some further assistance, Gibson could become the first Busuone ham in the future.

Shane’s volunteer work included the purchase of two diesel generators, the installation of 300 m of underground electrical cable and switchboard to provide reticulated power. All homes in Busuone village now have electric lighting and at least four general power outlets. In addition he purchased and installed two polyethelene water tanks and provided guttering and downpipes to the house in order to capture as much rainwater as possible. The village girls used to collect water daily from a remote freshwater stream which is fair distance from the village. Two days after the water tanks were installed monsoon rain filled the main water tank to capacity.

He also installed a proper flushing toilet (known by the villagers as the white-man toilet) and a septic tank in order to provide some creature comforts for future tourist or visitors.


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