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2018 News Releases




New Policy for WIA QSL Bureau Operations

Date : 09 / 02 / 2018
Author : John Seamons - VK3JLS

Late last year, the WIA QSL Card Committee developed a policy paper which updated the manner in which the WIA QSL Bureaus operate. That paper was submitted to the WIA Board for their consideration at the December Board meeting. The paper was ultimately approved by the Board at that meeting, and is now the agreed policy for the WIA Bureau operations.

A revised description of the QSL Bureau operations, reflecting the changes contained within the Policy, is now included on the website (see 'WIA QSL Services' under the 'For Members' dropdown menu) or click the following Link. The web page includes the full policy information.

The QSL Card Committee is preparing a Powerpoint presentation pack that can be utilised by Radio Clubs to help publicise the changes to both members and non-members of the WIA.

The main changes introduced within the policy include:-
  Any member proposing to use a Special Event or DXpedition call, and wishing to use the Outwards Bureau at no cost, will need to gain approval from the Board.
  There are stricter rules for non-adherance to the sorting of cards sent to the Outwards Bureau
  There are stricter rules for non-adherance to the recommended QSL card dimensions for cards sent to the Outwards Bureau.
  The WIA will only pay for one delivery per year of inwards cards to a member’s QTH.
  Inwards Cards will be distributed to State and Territory Bureaus at least every 3 months.
  As per IARU guidelines, the Bureau will make incoming cards available to non-members. This will be done strictly at the convenience of the Inwards Bureau manager, and may include a cost recovery aspect.

All members currently utilising the WIA QSL Bureau, or intending to utilise this facility, should refer to the revised description on our website. Link.


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