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WIA moves towards 24/7 ticketing system

Date : 12 / 02 / 2018
Author : David Ford - VK4MZ

We live in an age of digital transformation where organisations providing 24x7 self-service digital delivery to all help to improve service levels.

Over the past few months the WIA office team have been trialling an enquiry, complaint and request management system to provide members with better service and status updates. A system that will also enable self-service, 24x7 via an online portal. This means you can check the details of your WIA enquiry or respond to clarifications 24 hours a day, seven days a week without needing to wait for when you can call the office.

After successful initial trials, a broader trial is now underway where selected WIA enquiries and requests will be managed in the new system. As a member, if your enquiry is selected as a trial case, it will mean you will be sent automatic email updates, and a link to your enquiry so that you can manage your enquiry 24x7 via the website. Now, this doesn't mean that the office hours are changing, or that the phones will have any less support. The offices contact methods are not being reduced, rather they are being expanded. Privacy and security is important to the WIA and depending on the type of enquiry only relevant staff or volunteers will be able to see the details of your enquiry.

Also, we are aware that not all members have reliable access to the internet, so we will continue to provide services in a way that means you will not have to use the new system if you can't, instead it will be used to compliment your experience if you do have access. WIA staff and WIA volunteers will all now have a better understanding of how enquiries and requests are progressing. It will also highlight common queries or issues giving us an opportunity to address them in a more broader sense. In summary, it will help the WIA deliver a better service.

A big thanks to Aidan Mountford VK4APM, Petra and Bruce for making this all happen. Feedback is, of course, welcome.


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