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Great AR Resources from Award Winner

Date : 17 / 06 / 2018
Author : WIA

At the WIA AGM on the Gold Coast in May 2018 Peter Parker VK3YE was awarded a Technical Excellence award.

This award was for his prolific promotion of amateur radio in Australia, and making the hobby accessible to new and old through his YouTube channel and ebooks.

Peter's website is easy to use and has resources for the beginner / foundation licensee, equipment reviews, projects, tutorials, antennas, QRP, shortwave listening, YouTube videos and much more.

Peter also produces a range of eBooks that are available through Amazon as electronics or paperback formats.

If you are new to amateur radio as a Foundation Licensee then there is a great section focused on making your first contact. Just click on the Beginner and General button.

Peter is a prolific QRP experimenter and has some great portable and mobile antenna designs including his "Wadetenna" using the sea as a ground connection. The picture for this story was sourced from the Wadetenna section of Peter's website.

If you haven't seen Peter's website then it's well worth a look.


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